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International freight transport festival

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Four days non-stop show program

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Festival Grand Prize – 1 000 000 roubles!

About the festival

Nowadays business is impossible to imagine without freight transportation. Every part of our life is related to the transport services. 
Growing popularity of truckers’ culture made this industry more than just a profession but art and life style of many people all over the world.

TRUCK FEST is the beginning of truckers’ culture popularization in Russia! We are making bright, blasting and useful event looking through the best experience of worldwide auto fests.  

TRUCK FEST is a platform for representatives of transport companies, auto brands, professional truckers’ communities and all related with transport spheres.  


Festival Grand Prize – 1 000 000 roubles!

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О фестивале

Business part

Ask your questions to the business experts and to the government representatives
Press conference

This is the great opportunity to have a conversation with the government and business representatives. To discuss important issues and new trends in logistic and freight transport spheres. You may also present useful news and attract attention of mass media, Internet portals and bloggers!

Official Speech

The first persons of the Russian Federation Government, large industrial and transport companies are open for communication at the festival to discuss issues of interaction between business and government.

Job fair

Job fair gives an opportunity to offer jobs in your company, to choose qualified professionals and to adopt useful HR-practices from partners.

Presentations of speakers
Special guests will share their experience related with freight transport spheres.
Business lunches and receptions for participants and festival partners
You can negotiate directly with the owners of companies in a pleasant environment.
Master classes
Visit or organize a master class. It is a chance to share your professional experience and learn new things together with colleagues from other regions and countries!

Closed business meetings
Act purposefully! Close cooperation, exchange of contacts and making deals on the site for participants in a pleasant atmosphere of closed VIP-halls.
Visit the forum or suggest your topic!
  1. Cost reduction and efficient transport management. Tachographs without penalties; IT-technologies in transport; on-board equipment; software.

  2. Management of the transport company or company’s transport shop.

Round tables
Participate in roundtables or organize your own!

Entertaining part

Day and evening show program - 4 days of non-stop entertainment for all ages!
Show program

· Contests

· Competition

· Raffle prizes

Rock concerts

· Performances of interesting, young and promising groups

· Special guest - all known, cult rock band

Food court

· Cooking show

· Battles of cafes and food cars

Useful Entertainments

· Driving master classes

· Quests

Demonstration performances

· Spectacular races

· Bike show

· Drift show

· Airbrush show

Entertaining grounds for the whole family

· Bathhouse

· Fishing

· Kids’ playground

· Music


TRUCK FEST: fine dress helps to impress
2_021.jpgBelieve it or not but it’s the fact: now design and presentabable appearance have become the main parameters when choosing a car in our country. The appearance left behind such important characteristics as brand loyalty and even the cost of the car. Certainly, at the same time the car should possess high reliability rates, be in an excellent technical condition and have available all necessary documents. According to polls, even low-end cars have to be pleasant visually. This is also taken into account by car manufacturers who release more and more beautiful and elegant models. We remind that at TRUCK FEST festival the novelties of automobile industry will be presented. We also decided to show people interesting trucks that the residents of our country have. Visitors will be able to take pictures with cars and talk with their owners, because each car is unique in its own way.
New partner of TRUCK FEST festival– Oil Group
l4TvWdykVtY.jpgOil Group is a partner with a strong reputation in the market of lubricants in the Siberian region. The LLC “Oil Group” is an official distributor of LLC “TOTAL VOSTOK” which is a subsidiary of petrochemical Total enterprise, and supplies a wide range of original engine oils and lubricants, including industrial, in the territory of the Siberian region under TOTAL and ELF brands. The range of TOTAL RUBIA oils for trucks includes products even for engines of the most advanced heavy equipment, and also offers solutions for mixed machinery parks.
What we all have been waiting for so long: drift show on TRUCK FEST is going to be!
Fv4XIrSJqOU.jpgIt became possible to realize it thanks to “Novosibirsk Automobile Sports Federation”. NASF is a regional branch of the Russian Automobile Federation in Novosibirsk region. The work of the federation is aimed at motor sport development in Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region, namely at motor sport popularization among the region residents as means of physical culture promotion and healthy lifestyle maintaining in interaction with mass media, attracting the attention of young people to technical kinds of sports as a form of leisure. Various competitions are held in Novosibirsk region: drift, karting, track, cross-country, auto all-round. Also in the program of TRUCK FEST festival you will find: • Exhibition of tuning trucks • A lot of adrenaline and burnt rubber • The best Rock Concert • 18+ Zone • Drawings and quizzes from our partners • Fascinating show program • Miss Truck Fest 2018 Contest
Delicious and smoky hookahs on TRUCK FEST
l4qiZFNFAJ0.jpgThe atmosphere of hookah bar is favourable for easy rest after a working day or study. Friendly staff, informal communication and cozy home-style atmosphere will help all guests to make themselves among friends. Hookah bar deserved the love and respect of Tomsk citizens: a little bit lighter, stronger, fresher or sweeter - the hookah factory always has a wide choice for any taste.
Try the most delicious shish kebab at TRUCK FEST festival
Гоар“Goar” restaurant is situated in quiet and beautiful suburbs of Tomsk, from where you can enjoy a peaceful view on the forest, where you are surrounded by music of nature: the rustle of leaves and the singing of birds. This is an ideal place for corporate banquets and anniversaries. Friendly staff will help to carry out all desires and to organize your holiday in the best Caucasian traditions of hospitality. “Goar” is an inexpressible taste and excellent quality checked by time.
The dream of tuning cars will be realized on TRUCK FEST
VIP-serviceVIP-service – это многоцелевой автосервис, который оказывает полный комплекс услуг по техническому обслуживанию, тюнингу и ремонту автомобилей любых марок. Это команда профессионалов с опытом работы на рынке более 9 лет.

Главное преимущество автосервиса заключается в индивидуальном подходе к решению самых сложных задач и пожеланий. Партнерские отношения с мировыми тюнинг-ателье позволяют осуществлять индивидуализацию автомобилей любой сложности в четко оговоренные сроки. Благодаря накопленному опыту, профессионализму и большим производственным возможностям осуществимы любые желания клиентов.

VIP-service дорожит своей репутацией и выполняет работы на высшем уровне. На сайте можно ознакомиться с портфолио и перечнем оказываемых услуг.
TRUCK FEST festival will be the loudest event of this summer
Team Deaf Bonce NovosibirskAuto sound and tuning Studion Team Deaf Bonce Novosibirsk became an official partner of TRUCK FEST festival. At the moment, the studio is the champion of the Russian Federation in dB Drag Racing, AMT, EMMA, SPL-Show, RASKA formats. It also owns the World Record in dB Drag Racing format in Extreme 5K class with a result of 177.6 db. Team Deaf Bonce Novosibirsk is professionally engaged in car tuning and received official certification on the anti-corrosion car treatment. Special zone equipped with a car lift and a car drying system is created for this treatment.
Luxurious rooms of Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel are ready to welcome guests of TRUCK FEST
nWnnfq6pCto.jpgStaying at Novosibirsk Marriott Hotel with spacious rooms and great service, you will find yourself in the heart of Siberian capital. The hotel offers first-class rooms and two-room suites with luxurious bed linen, mini-bars, spacious bathrooms and terraces with views on the city. Thanks to comfortable working areas and Wi-Fi in the rooms, the hotel is ideal for business trips. Also you can visit indoor pool and gym. There are hotel restaurants with excellent cuisine and a terrace on a roof at the guests’ disposal. Hotel banquet rooms for different events are the best in the city on technical equipment and service. There is an event manager, banquet service, and cook at your disposal. Our experts will bring your ideas of an ideal celebration or conference to life! There are special tariffs for the guests of TRUCK FEST festival!
"Accessibility" on TRUCK FEST: a person with a disabilities can drive a truck
TRUCK FEST will organize an "Accessibility" for visitors with disabilities: this program allows creating a barrier-free environment for handicapped people. Together with the All-Russian Society of Disabled, TRUCK FEST will ensure full accessibility and comfort of staying at the festival. As part of program implementation the needs of low-mobility groups of population will be initially taken into account and the entrances to all festival sites will be equipped. The famous paratraveller and thrill-seeker Igor Skikevich will be a special guest of the festival; he proved to disabled people, that nothing is impossible. The main thing is desire and self-improvement. Within the framework of master classes there will be lectures that will help disabled people to maximize their own potential in setting and achieving life goals. Also, it will be demonstrated how disabled people can operate freight transport; a specialized mechanism with a platform will be used for this purpose.
Do good with TRUCK FEST
X6zFjbrnaOQ.jpgGood makes the world a better place, and at TRUCK FEST festival everyone can help children with cancer, within "Drop of Good" campaign. On the festival territory, the organizers of Alena Petrova charitable foundation will form “Area of good". The main achievement of organization is the fact that all the children under the fund trusteeship received the necessary financial support. All means of philanthropists always reached the addressee, a child who needed help. The help can’t be big or small. Do good with TRUCK FEST.
TRUCK FEST: you still can help with the organization of international event!
you still can help with the organization of international event!No large-scale event can do without volunteers’ help, so volunteer corps of Novosibirsk region came to help TRUCK FEST festival. The project "Development of Volunteer Movement" is implemented by the Volunteer Corps of Novosibirsk Region and gives an opportunity to young people to show their social activity and citizenship through participation in various projects and events. Within 5 days the guys will take part in the first international freight transport festival in Russia, which will take place from 21 to 26 August in International Exhibitory Corps of Novosibirsk Expocenter. And you can become a volunteer of this event!
At TRUCK FEST supercar Marussia B1 will be exhibited!
At TRUCK FEST supercar Marussia B1 will be exhibited!At due time, the plans of Marussia Motors company used to be grandiose, and Nikolai Fomenko, who at that time was the president, promised to give a worthy Russian response to the best world sports cars. During the work on the car there were almost no restrictions for the designers and engineers, so they were able to combine futuristic design, the highest safety standards and maximum comfort for the driver. The exact number of produced sports cars is unknown but most likely it is no more than 25. B1 is a living history of the first Russian sports car creation. This model became the basis for the development of all the other B series models, and also collected all the experience of trials and errors, along with successful decisions and engineering discoveries. You will be able to take cool pictures with unique car which there are only few pieces in the world. The TRUCK FEST festival will start in August - do not miss it!
TRUCK FEST and growth of appetites: Russians buy up cars
TRUCK FEST and growth of appetitesSales of new cars increased significantly compared to the last year and continue to grow. Since the beginning of 2018, Russia has already sold more than half a million cars. This number exceeded all of market participants’ forecasts. Affordable Korean and domestic models remained invariably the most sold cars. Such an unprecedented sales growth is connected with model range expansion offered at affordable prices and a noticeable weakening of ruble in the last months, which prompted buyers to make the desired purchase quicker until cost increase. It is also possible that the end of such programs such as “First car” and “Family car», which made the purchase of a car more attractive, affected the situation. Experts predict that in the near future, sales growth will slow down. If you have a unique car that you consider worthy to exhibit at TRUCK FEST festival – feel free to contact us! The main prize to the winner of the truck contest is 1 000 000 rubles.
This is not a joke: there will be competitions in the most spectacular sport on TRUCK FEST
<img alt="39n80cAEYXA.jpg" src="/upload/medialibrary/0bf/0bf77818abd8f353492beb4bba15bde3.jpg" title=" the most spectacular sport on TRUCK FEST<span id="bx-cursor-node"> ">Fantastic battles, the will to win, a storm of fighters and spectators emotions - all of this will be fully available during the festival.

ММА (Mixed Martial Arts) is a full-contact fight with the use of striking techniques and fighting both in the stance and in the par terre. Mixed Martial Arts combines a lot of techniques, schools and directions.

There also will be competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling, mas-wrestling and arm-wrestling within the show program framework.

TRUCK FEST festival received the opportunity to organize competitions thanks to a partnership with sports development fund "Siberian character".

TRUCK FEST landscapes our planet
<img alt="Всероссийский день посадки леса" src="/upload/medialibrary/c92/c9245dc5b224da1224bc01f107ced549.jpg" title="TRUCK FEST озеленяет планету">

The TruckFestTeam team barely came back from a business trip when today they have already joined a spring action of trees planting.

TruckFestTeam planted more than 250 pine saplings in Timiryazevsky forestry in the neighborhood of Kislovka village, where large-scale deforestation took place in recent years. We hope that all the seedlings will survive, despite the unfavorable and cloudy weather. We also want to believe that Tomsk citizens will take care of green plantations and volunteers work.

TruckFestTeam takes part in such a campaign for the first time, and in the future we will organize similar environmental projects.

Craft Beer Master is going to TRUCK FEST!
<img alt="Craft Beer Master is going to TRUCK FEST!" src="/upload/medialibrary/525/525398a57ef4de36bb3605c251f31a9f.jpg" title="Craft Beer Master is going to TRUCK FEST!">

Craft Beer Master will bring a lot of unusual brands to the festival: everyone will find something on his taste. These are fruit foamy drinks with interesting flavor, light bright and, of course, dense dark brands the taste of which is always felt, even, despite various additives. In general, it remains only to try everything at once.

Craft Beer Master very often gives discounts; conduct attractive sales promotions and important events that will definitely be interesting for real connoisseurs of foam drinks.

We are waiting for everybody at the festival, where besides the most delicious beers, TRUCK FEST guests are waited by numerous competitions, organized food court, lecture program, open-air party and unlimited number of positive emotions!

TRUCK FEST: Putin got behind the wheel of KAMAZ
<img alt="TRUCK FEST: Putin got behind the wheel of KAMAZ<span id="bx-cursor-node"> " src="/upload/medialibrary/7bf/7bfd16899471615c69032fb98d8b4173.jpg" title="Putin got behind the wheel of KAMAZ<span id="bx-cursor-node"> ">

TruckFestTeam can not even imagine that our president has a driver's license in C category, allowing him to drive a truck.

Vladimir Vladimirovich does not stop surprising, and he headed a column of trucks at the opening ceremony of movement along the Crimean Bridge,. Before starting, the head of state said: "Let's go!". All the way across the bridge took only 6 minutes.

In a solemn speech, the president appreciated positively the high quality and construction speed of the Crimean Bridge, and expressed his impressions of the trip in one word: "Super!".

TRUCK FEST is very happy: the longest and the most long-awaited bridge to the Crimea will be opened soon!
<img alt="мост в Крым" src="/upload/medialibrary/1b5/1b592ebe72f0dc9481af6b5ccc4531ae.jpg" title="TRUCK FEST очень рад: самый длинный и долгожданный мост в Крым скоро откроют!">

The bridge construction was in the center of attention since Crimea and Russia reunion. Today President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin will personally attend bridge opening ceremony. A column of construction equipment will pass along the road.

Cars and buses movement on the bridge will open tomorrow, on May 16. It has already become known that the very first who will pass the bridge will be Crimea and Kuban inhabitants. The maximum speed here will be 90 km/h.

The launch of truck movement has been postponed to an unknown date, but TruckFestTeam is confident that by the beginning of the festival the passage will be open. Therefore, we look forward to unique and rare cars from Crimea. Come to TRUCK FEST festival!

DoubleTree by Hilton Novosibirsk became the official partner of TRUCK FEST
<img alt="DoubleTree by Hilton Novosibirsk" src="/upload/medialibrary/53c/53cb266f36fb42315a3a0a9a18d028d1.jpg" title="DoubleTree by Hilton Novosibirsk">This is a modern hotel of the world-known Hilton network with a wide infrastructure of services, situated in the center of Novosibirsk.<br>
   There is a metro station Lenin Square and public transport stops in walking distance.<br>
   DoubleTree by Hilton Novosibirsk offers accommodation in rooms of various categories (Standard, Junior Suite, Suite).<br>
   For guests: breakfasts "Buffet", sauna, jacuzzi, pool, gym, WI-FI are already included in accommodation cost.<br>

P.S. If you call the code word "Truck Fest", then rooms’ reservation is possible at a special corporate price.

"Special equipment and oil and gas equipment" - the official partner of TRUCK FEST
<img alt="Special equipment and oil and gas equipment<span id="bx-cursor-node"> " src="/upload/medialibrary/ef9/ef9076631ab1a54e7a962c2d9e24db0a.jpg" title="Special equipment and oil and gas equipment<span id="bx-cursor-node"> ">

The magazine "Special equipment and oil and gas equipment" is a federal specialized publication that is an effective searching tool for suppliers of special equipment, commercial vehicles and oil and gas equipment. Each issue of the magazine presents information on novelties on machinery and equipment market in the world, current reviews, as well as original articles, told by experts of their industry.

Target audience of the magazine:

- General Managers of industrial, oil and gas producing and processing enterprises;

- General Managers of suppliers and manufacturers of special machinery, commercial vehicles and oil and gas equipment;

- Leading specialists in procurement, supply, operation of equipment, marketing, as well as tender departments.

Park Inn by Radisson Novosibirsk is the official partner of TRUCK FEST
<img alt="Park Inn by Radisson Novosibirsk" src="/upload/medialibrary/b91/b91a57213fbb689bb8722c1d73176f51.jpg" title="Park Inn by Radisson Novosibirsk is the official partner of TRUCK FEST<span id="bx-cursor-node"> ">

Park Inn by Radisson Novosibirsk is a modern hotel situated within walking distance from the city center, metro and railway stations!

There are 150 stylish rooms, delicious and healthy breakfasts, fitness gym, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel territory, Bavarian restaurant Paulaner with German beer and the atmosphere of old Munich, free parking and of course unlimited hospitality for hotel guests!

When booking a hotel room on with promo code “TRUCKFEST” you will get 20% discount.

TRUCK FEST congratulates everybody on the Great Victory Day!
<img alt="ulLHjORnQjc.jpg" src="/upload/medialibrary/a5f/a5f5a929abeb14de6a9f2ad1ca76a130.jpg" title="ulLHjORnQjc.jpg">Generations change but the Great Victory remains in our hearts as a symbol of national pride. Appreciate your loved ones and do not forget to congratulate those who managed to survive the terrible years of the war. <br>
TruckFestTeam expresses sincere gratitude to veterans for their immortal feat, courage on the battlefront and selfless labor in the rear, for valor and bravery. We live in a peaceful city only thanks to their heroism. On this joyful day, we wish attention, care of loved ones, well-being and long life!<br>
TruckFestTeam calls everyone to visit numerous actions and events designed to pay tribute of respect to veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
TRUCK FEST: participants who will please the audience with their plastic and bright numbers were selected
TRUCK FESTIn the literal and figurative sense! And in a direct and figurative sense. At the dance casting of TRUCK FEST stunningly beautiful girls with professional numbers came to show their skills and demonstrate talents. The demanding jury carefully assessed the program of each candidate and selected the brightest dances for the festival. Elegant girls on the strips performed in the style of Pole Dance and go-go. The dances were very sensual, relaxed and energetic. After that, the men's team surprised and admired the jury with a sharp and technical break dance. But the most spectacular part of the casting was devoted to an unusual combination of sport and dance - aerial acrobatics on the ring and cloths. Dance on air canvases not only looks magical, but also has a truly magical effect on the viewer. Girls freeze in static poses at high altitude, and then bravely fly down, again freeze in a couple of seconds from the fall. Cloths give unlimited opportunities for choreography. Acrobats can wrap themselves up completely, swim and almost fly and making beautiful and smooth transitions in the air. Soon it is planned to held the casting of TRUCK FEST in cheerleading and TWERK styles so that the dancers still have a chance to become a participant of the festival. We are waiting for your applications.
TRUCK FEST recommends hurrying up to all the fans: almost all tickets for the 2018 World Cup have been sold!
footballFor the matches of the World Cup, which will be held in Russia in the summer, has already sold more than 2 million tickets, i.е. almost 90% of the total. According to the chairman of the organizing committee more than half of the total tickets’ number was bought by foreign fans. Mostly they are citizens of the USA, China, Mexico and Argentina. On Thursday, May 3, a meeting on the preparations for the championship was held where the president announced that the work was almost complete. We remind you that from May 1 tickets are available not only through the FIFA website but also through traditional ticket offices.
The inauguration of the Russian president will be held on the same day as before
PutinThe answer to the question that interested many, "When Putin's inauguration passes?" was very simple. It will be held as always! In 2000, 2004 and 2012, Vladimir Vladimirovich took office on the same day - May 7. On the same day in 2008, Medvedev swore an oath. Therefore, the established tradition was decided not to change, and to hold the ceremony on May 7, 2018 in the Andreevsky Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, shortly before noon local time. After the oath, the president is considered officially inaugurated receiving a standard and a sign of presidential power. The ceremony ends with a short speech by the new head of state and solemn salutes. Despite the approved date, the inauguration scenario has not yet been confirmed. The full program will appear in the near future.
TRUCK FEST: Russian scientists learned to develop miracle machines without the participation of engineers
automobileThe idea of ​​an innovative design methodology came into the head of the scientist of the engineering center CompMechLab, working on the basis of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great. The work of talented scientists has already been highly appreciated. The CMR electric car was shown to Vladimir Putin. The parameters of the innovative car are several times higher than the key characteristics of the development of the Ilon Mask’s company Tesla. The President noted the development of computer modeling. Thus, the unprecedented growth of computer modeling in Russia can make the work of engineers absolutely unnecessary. In the near future all this will be performed by robots and artificial intelligence.
TRUCK FEST: The Japanese have created a robot transformer which looks like a sports car
sportcarJapanese company Asratec Corp together with several start-ups recently presented the design of the future: a prototype of a robot that can transform into a two-seater sports car in a few minutes. The most interesting thing is that there is no need to leave the salon during the transformation. While the robot reaches a very small speed (only 30 km / h) but this is just the beginning. You can control the car from the driver's seat or remotely via the remote control. A video showing the capabilities of the transformer can be found on YouTube.
The TRUCK FEST team congratulates on coming May holidays!
May holidaysMay 1 traditionally symbolizes the revival and arrival of spring. The awakening of nature and the desire for creation. On this day, we want to wish mutual understanding, bright ideas and success in all areas of your activity! Let the love and support of loved ones give strength to new achievements!
TRUCK FEST is proud of the real hero: the cadet landed an aircraft without an engine
planeThe cadet of the Krasnodar Aviation School Mikhail Yemanov managed to land an L-39 trainer with an idle engine. As it became known, the L-39 after the flight collided with a flock of birds, one of which hit the air intake. As a result, at about 200 meters the engine failed and the pilot had to make a decision in a matter of seconds about the bailout or landing of the aircraft. Mikhail Yemanov decided to take the plane away from settlements and gently land the aircraft risking himself. The cadet not only did not hurt himself but also saved the plane. Of course, the fuselage received minor damage but soon the L-39 will be able to return to service. The command of the aviation school is considering the presentation of the student to the award, and the TRUCK FEST team considers the pilot's actions to be a real strong- willed act deserving respect.
TRUCK FEST: car accidents due to poor road conditions lessened
roadRosavtodor said that after a major overhaul of federal routes it was possible to reduce the car accident rate on Russian roads by 5%. At the same time, due to the poor quality of the roadway almost a third of all traffic accidents still occur. Therefore, experts recommend that drivers adjust the speed of traffic depending on the condition of the road. The most common cause of accidents was a poorly distinguishable line of marking and sometimes its complete absence. We remind you that in 2017 the project "Safe and qualitative roads" started. According to the project the transport-operational condition of 85% of the roads of the country will lead to the standard by 2025. And this means the repair of breaks, potholes and other dangerous defects. Also, the requirements concern road signs and markings must be clearly distinguishable.
TRUCK FEST negotiates with major cosmetic brands
cosmeticsAt the festival, everyone can visit the beauty zone where they can sign up for make-up and manicure master classes, learn about the latest trends and get professional secrets on daily make-up. At TRUCK FEST you will find stands of famous brands where master classes participants will be able to purchase cosmetics and accessories at special prices.
TRUCK FEST: does the Platon system go to regional roads?
roadThe administration of the Leningrad Region recently introduced a proposal to expand the "Platon" system. Although work on the project is already underway, the possible tariffs and terms are not called. According to official information, the load on regional roads has recently increased substantially. It is believed that one of the reasons for this is the choice of bypass roads in exchange for paid federal routes, which is why almost all heavy and large-sized cargo transport began to travel on regional roads. Truckers openly call the idea of ​​regional "Platon" a diversion. While the project is planned as an experiment, in order to evaluate the rationality of such measures over time. All the received money will be transfered to the road fund.
We represent the new partner of the festival TRUCK FEST - Mirotel
mirotelAmong our official partners there is now the hotel complex Mirotel which is the owner of the highest rating - 9.5 on a 10-point scale among the Novosibirsk 4-star hotels on the website for guest reviews. In the spring of 2018, the hotel entered the TOP-10 of the best hotels in Novosibirsk as a result of voting within the framework of the People's NHS Award. In addition, the hotel is located just 20 minutes from Tolmachevo airport. When booking a room on the website of Mirotel, the promotional code "TRUCKFEST" is discounted.
Want to win iPhone and other valuable gifts from TRUCK FEST?
gifts from TRUCK FESTWe remind you that at the TRUCK FEST festival you can not only relax, but also win a lot of expensive prizes. In the meantime so that our viewers and participants are not bored of waiting, we regularly hold cool contests in social networks, where many lucky winners have already withdrawn their prizes. A lot of interesting contests and events are ahead. The closest draw will be in our group VC. Subscribe, wait for the announcement and be sure to take part!
The Internet star and the most famous trucker of the country Julia Lazareva will visit TRUCK FEST
The Internet star and the most famous trucker of the country Julia Lazareva will visit TRUCK FESTEveryone has heard that the trucker's profession is a heavy work of men. Fragile Julia proves daily with her own example that this is not so. You are wondering how it is possible to easily change the wheels of a huge truck or to take a rest with fun during a trip? Then subscribe to Julia Lazareva's channel, where she uploads a video about trips on the boundless Russian roads. The trucker is a profession that you need to love and live with. Of course, often there are difficulties with logistics and cargo or simply there are unforeseen situations on the roads. But no difficulties prevent the popular videobloger from enjoying the driving the huge 15-ton truck.
TRUCK FEST: launch vote
voting for the headlinerAlready everyone knows that the festival is planning an extensive show program and the performance of a popular and cult rock band. Which one? It depends on you. Today the voting for the headliner of our festival started. The band that receives the most votes will perform on the stage of TRUCK FEST. Support your favorite!
Breweries go to the festival TRUCK FEST!
новость2004-1.jpgPart of the food court zone will be a brewery complex which will present their best beers. In the list of participants there are even associations from the Czech Republic. Breweries will introduce the guests to the festival with exclusive beer novelties and popular snacks. Visitors will be able not only to enjoy delicious foam drinks, but also to compete among themselves in the competition "who drinks more." Also, we remind that guests of the food court are waiting for a contest on eating hot dogs and a large-scale entertainment program TRUCK FEST. There will be no time to be bored!
TRUCK FEST: going for a record
TRUCK FEST: going for a recordOur team negotiates with the Book of Records of Russia representatives. It is a collection of the greatest achievements in science, education, art, sports, hobbies and entertainment. On the occasion of a special event, we are going to install the biggest national road sign in the country. The declared height is 19 meters. Which sign? While we keep it a secret! Follow our news.
TRUCK FEST: does household mining become unprofitable?
does household mining become unprofitableMore and more people believe that after a few years cryptocurrency tightly come into our lives. In 2017 at the peak of bitcoin growth and other popular digital currencies, many tried to use this trend as a new and profitable source of income. Special interest was shown to the mining: leased minining hotels and mini-farms were created. Innovators have already tried for minining thier own kitchens, workplaces and even chicken coops. Now mining at home is not only an extremely unprofitable undertaking but sometimes even dangerous for others. Everyone has heard stories about burnt mining cryptocurrency farms. The unprofitable nature of domestic mining can be explained by several factors: low home equipment capacity and rather high electricity costs. Of course, it is technically possible to continue to be engaged in mining at home, but it is worthwhile to consider other options. For example, transportation mining farms. This will put mining on the flow and bypass significant energy costs. This mining on wheels is characterized by high efficiency and productivity and also solves the popular issue of fast equipment transportation from place to place. The basis for a mobile farm can serve as an ordinary cargo container, which must be equipped with computing power, Wi-Fi and a good cooling system. The basic idea is that the container can be placed in a truck and transported to any place where there will be low electricity costs. Mining on wheels in the long term promises to miners a huge annual profit if to use cheaper energy for cooling or mobile solar farm. The TRUCK FEST team invites experts in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining to share their professional experience and act as speakers on the business site.
TRUCK FEST: It's always warm with us!
TRUCK FEST: It is always warm with us! Our team spent the two most fun and busy weekend in Sheregesh on Grelka Fest, where the traditional mass snowboarding in swimsuits took place. Every year the number of people wishing to take part in the festival is growing and the organizers have already reported that a new achievement will be entered into the Russian Book of Records. The collective TRUCK FEST is located in the hotel "Snezhny", which is the official partner of the festival and also installed our flags right in front of the hotel entrance.
Become a participant of the TRUCK FEST festival. We are looking for the best dance groups
Become a participant of the TRUCK FEST festival. We are looking for the best dance groups Become a participant of the TRUCK FEST festival: we are looking for the best dance groups April 30, We invite bright and confident dancers and dance groups that will prepare spectacular performances for casting in order to make our festival memorable and bring you positive emotions. Casting will be held by the jury. If you have something to share with others and have something to show, then send your applications to our e-mail.
TRUCK FEST team visited two large exhibitions
новость1304-2.jpgToday is a very productive day and we have prepared 2 good news for you. Firstly, at the exhibition "Hunting and Fishing", which was held in Novosibirsk, there was an acquaintance with the star of the film "Peculiarities of National Hunt", the famous actor Bychkov. Kuzmich and his assistant treated the visitors to delicious wildfowl and fish and also sang songs about hunting and fishing. Secondly, at the exhibition of equipment and products for public catering enterprises FoodService were held a lot of negotiations on the creation of a branded frothy drink and the accompanying snack products. In the future, the production of rusks under the brand name "TRUCK FEST" is planned.
TRUCK FEST congratulates!
новость1304-1.jpgThe working week is already over and our team today celebrates the day of rock'n'roll. The UN has not yet officially recognized the holiday. It's up to you to celebrate this date or not, but remembering the good old hits and dancing a little to the music of freedom - definitely will not hurt. 63 years ago Bill Haley recorded an unforgettable single "Rock Around The Clock". Incendiary rhythm, drive and couples performing real acrobatic pirouettes in the dance were a challenge to traditions and society. It was the beginning of a new way of life and a way of self- expression. On this day there are festivals, concerts and parties in the rock and roll style. The legendary names of Bill Haley, Elvis Presley, The Beatles will help to recreate the musical atmosphere of the 50's. Celebrate, listen and dance! 
TRUCK FEST invites you to a photo shoot!
новость1104-3.jpg Do you like big trucks, bright colors and beautiful photos? TRUCK FEST offers you to combine all of this! In the entertainment festival zone will be equipped with a photo shoot area. You can make vivid photos with the best trucks from Russia and other countries and at the same time to win the Iphone! To do this you will need to put the photo with the hashtag #truckfest in social networks! The drawing will take place at the end of the festival. We will also be happy to cooperate with photographers! If you have clients who dream of a photo session in automotive subjects, or you want unusual shots for your portfolio, please, send your ideas to our e-mail.
"Battle of roadside cafes" will be held within the festival program
новость1104-2.jpg Several culinary competitions will unfold at the festival's entertainment site. For the title of the best will fight roadside cafes and other institutions. Chefs will compete in the competitions for the fastest and tasty okroshka, for the longest hot dog and in other culinary nominations. And the audience of will be able to try it all! After the battle of the cafe, there will already be visitors: they are waiting for a competition on eating hot dogs and other entertainments. You can bet on the participants! The winner will be chosen by the jury of the culinary battle. Among the event guests there will also be a degustation and the best café will receive an additional prize of audience sympathy.
KAMAZ, UAZ and FAW confirmed participation in the TRUCK FEST festival
новость1104-1.jpg KAMAZ, UAZ and FAW confirmed participation in the TRUCK FEST festival The largest manufacturers of trucks KAMAZ, UAZ and FAW are discussing the form of their participation in TRUCK FEST. Recall, it can be not only an individual exposition at the exhibition, but also their own seminars, master classes and presentations of new models. Do you want to participate in the exhibition next door to the leading companies? Contact the festival organizers via phone or e- mail. * In addition to the standard participation, the TRUCK FEST festival offers partnership programs. This gives additional advertising opportunities, the most profitable placement at the exhibition, participation in events and other conditions that are discussed individually.
Subscribe and win: TRUCK FEST launches a series of drawings
конкурс.jpg Preparation for the festival TRUCK FEST is already in full swing! To brighten up the expectation of our participants and spectators we launch a series of drawings that will replace each other until the very opening! The first one has already passed. Among the subscribers of the group TRUCK FEST VKontakte drawed a cool dash cam. At the moment, there is the active drawing for the beautiful half of the VKontakte group. Until April 22, you can take part in the draw of a set of matte liquid lipsticks NYX. Also in the community there is the contest "On the roads of Russia". Subscribe, post photos of unusual, beautiful trucks and win cash prizes! 
TRUCK FEST is looking for talented tuning masters!
тюнинг.jpg In the exhibition of TRUCK FEST will participate not only companies, but also tuning masters! People who enthusiastic about trucks will be able to show their best work, to get to the pages of the media and, if it is necessary, to find customers. There is already one confirmed participant at the exhibition. This is a citizen of Novosibirsk, who has been interested in cars for a long time. He will present at the festival the legendary Russian truck - tuned Ural! If you also want to show your work to 100 000 spectators, write to us via e-mail indicated on the site, or call the hotline. We will be glad to the talented masters from Russia and other countries! 
TRUCK FEST will celebrate Trucker Day
день дальнобойщика.jpgThe dates of the TRUCK FEST were not chosen by random! On the last Saturday of August, the Trucker Day is traditionally celebrated. The festival will be one big gift for a professional holiday! And on the Trucker Day, August 25, will be the main TRUCK FEST event. All the results will be summed up and the winners will be awarded. After all there will be a blasting final - a big rock concert. We invite everyone who works in the sphere of freight transport! At the festival TRUCK FEST it will be possible not only to relax, but also to win many prizes in contests and drawings every day. 
Swiss brand «MOTOREX» applied for participation in the TRUCK FEST festival
Right now, representatives of MOTOREX are negotiating on the form of participation in the festival. Presumably, the company will present the products in the stand section of the exhibition. Perhaps, MOTOREX will hold its own master class or seminar at the festival.
TRUCK FEST children's playground will be shown the LEGO trucks exhibition
лего.jpgTRUCK FEST is an event for the whole family! The festival will be equipped with a large kids’ playground. Trucks will be the main theme! Young guests of the festival will be able to ride electric cars in the form of the most famous brands of cars. A "highlight" of the site will be an exhibition of trucks models from the designer "LEGO", in the assembly of which it will be possible to participate. All days of the festival on the children's playground will be animators, entertainment zones (trampoline, RC cars, cyber-sport, gyroscope, etc.). Also, the organizers are preparing a lot of competitions and contests for the smallest trucks’ fans. 
TRUCK FEST organizers start negotiations with foreign participants of the festival
кран.jpg The organizers of the festival TRUCK FEST have sent invitations to foreign companies. Basically it is producers of cranes, mining and warehouse equipment. The exhibition is planned to exchange products and of course the experience. Including forums, seminars, master classes and round tables of the business program are held for it. At the moment, companies from Japan, Germany, Italy, the USA and Great Britain became interested in the festival. For foreign participants will be created all necessary conditions at the festival TRUCK FEST. Interpreters will work both at the exhibition and in the meeting rooms. 
The leading transport companies are invited to the TRUCK FEST festival
транспорт.jpg The largest transport brands - Business lines, PEK, Delko, DHL, KIT, Energy and others can take part in the TRUCK FEST festival. TRUCK FEST will be an excellent platform for meeting transport companies and organizations that need high-quality transportation services. Moreover, they can conclude cooperation agreements right at the festival! Comfortable meeting rooms will work in the business area for these purposes. Logistics and transportation companies can not only participate in the exhibition, but also become a speaker at a business site: suggest a topic for your own master-classes and seminars, participate in discussion forums, round tables and conferences. 
Airbrushing studio and bikini carwash will be opened at the TRUCK FEST
V6FX9BVAFYo.jpg The best airbrushing masters will decorate the guests’ car! The workshop on drawing on the car will work all the days of the festival. In the evening visitors will be shown the parade of decorated cars, and at the end of the event they will choose the best master. In addition, there will be joking entertainment: a contest for drawing on a dusty car glass. But the prizes will be real! And for those who like to keep their car perfectly clean there will be working an unusual car wash! Beauties in bikini will wash your car like in the movie or a musical clip! Bikini-car wash and airbrush studio will work in the street area of ​​the festival, in a parking near the Expocenter.
TRUCK FEST Guests will be able to ride on carts and trikes
картинг.jpg TRUCK FEST gives an opportunity to the race fans! They will be able to try themselves in carting and drift – trike! You can take part in the race or gust cheer other participants. The main advantage of Carting is that it is suitable almost for all! Everyone who elder age 12 can become a little race car driver. It is a great opportunity to experience what it means to be racer and stay safe as well. Drift – trike is one more ground for those who cannot live without speed! Trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle, on which you can accelerate to a decent speed and even perform different shapes. Carting club and drift-trike will open on the street platform on the first day of the festival TRUCK FEST. We invite all fans of fast driving!  
TRUCK FEST is looking for talented dancers!
танцор.jpg Are you a talented dancer and want to perform in front of 100,000 spectators? We invite you to take part in the competition of the TRUCK FEST Festival! We are looking for talented dancers, dance studios or teams to participate in the concert program of the Festival! You can perform any dance. The main thing is that it should be spectacular and professionally performed! We do not limit the imagination of the participants. On the contrary, we encourage it! Several teams from Tomsk and Novosibirsk have already been submitted applications for participation. Pole Dance, Cheerleading, TWERK will be performed by this teams. Moreover, viewers of the Festival are invited to look at a unique combination of sport and dance - air gymnastics on canvases. If you also want to participate in the show program - write to the mail or contact us through the official pages of the Festival in social networks. 
SCANIA was invited to the TRUCK FEST festival
scania.jpg The Festival organizers are negotiating with SCANIA - the world famous manufacturer of trucks and buses. Presumably, the SCANIA technique will be presented in the central part of the exhibition. The brand will be able to put the exposure on an individual project. One or more units of equipment can be placed. It is important that SCANIA is currently launching a new lineup! At the TRUCK FEST Festival there will be an opportunity to hold a presentation of unique trucks which took about 10 years to develop. The possibility of a test drive is also being considered. Companies that are interested in cooperation with the worldwide brand will be able to meet and talk with representatives of SCANIA in the business part of the Festival.
TRUCK FEST invites to take part in A real fishing on the entertainment ground!
рыбалка.jpg What will be the attraction "fishing"? Large pool with fish of different breeds! Everyone will be able to compete in the skill of fishing and just have a good time! TRUCK FEST organizers have ensured that guests do not need to bring fishing equipment with them. Everything can be rented directly on the entertainment ground. The best fishers of the Festival will take part in a contest. Winners will receive prizes! We are waiting for all the lovers of trucks and fishing at the Novosibirsk Expocentre from 21 to 26 August! 
Power show will be held at the entertainment site of the festival TRUCK FEST
кроссфит Guests of the TRUCK FEST festival are waiting for a spectacular show from the strongest people of Siberia! The athletes will compete in several force disciplines: inflation of heaters before rupture twisting of frying pans and steel rods bending of horseshoes and large nails ripping calendars, deck cards and directories Guests will be able not only to look at the power tricks, but also try their hand at the Crossfit site! Those who wants to compete in wrestling, balling, team skiing and other sports also may try to overcome the inflatable climbing wall and obstacle course. The winners and the best sportsmen will receive valuable prizes from the Partners of the TRUCK FEST festival! 
KAMAZ, GAZ, URAL and UAZ are invited to the festival TRUCK FEST
урал - 640_001.jpgThe central part of the TRUCK FEST exhibition can be decorated with the newest models of trucks KAMAZ, GAZ, URAL and UAZ.

Currently, the TRUCK FEST festival organizers are negotiating with these companies, as well as with other major truck manufacturers and their distributors.

Truck manufacturers will build their own expositions in the central part of the exhibition.

The main component of them, of course, will be trucks and cars with the best tuning and design, specially prepared for the festival TRUCK FEST!

If you have long dreamed of cooperating with the freight transport industry leaders, TRUCK FEST will provide a great opportunity to do it!

Leaders and representatives of participating companies will be open for communication at all venues of the Festival. More information on availability of vacancies at the exhibition is available via the hot line of the TRUCK FEST festival.
The mayor of the "Bath Town" TRUCK FEST is elected!
баня The head of one of the main entertainment venues was Rifat Galimianov.
For more than 7 years he has been awarded the honorary title of Professor of the Russian Bath Academy!
It is a unique national and international project of the UNESCO Expedition.
His experts know the oldest traditions of bathing.
"Bath Town" will be located in the entertainment zone of the Festival. Participants of TRUCK FEST will be able to relax in a bath on firewood, experience what "the smoke bath" is and after a steam-room take a dip in cool clean water!

The mayor of the "Bath Town" Rifat Hadievich and his assistants will devote all the secrets of their cause to those who wish.
On the site will be master classes on bathing, making brooms and other related wisdom.

Surprises await even the most experienced admirers of the bath!
For the most courageous newlyweds! Auto - Wedding Ceremony on TRUCK FEST
молодожены If you are tired of the ceremony in the registry office, and the romantic exit registration is not in your style we have an offer for you!

Placement areas

Choose your option!
The standard part of the stands exhibition. Ideal solution for small companies!
  • Optimal price / quality ratio
  • Being in the thematic segment! Only the target audience!
  • Possibility to choose the most convenient location near the "points of attraction"
  • The opportunity to participate in the closed part of the event for a minimum budget
  • Pay attention to filling the stand. Than more interesting the stand, than more chances to get into news feeds for the minimum budget, and also to attract the attention of the target audience.
  • The interactive component is one of the effective ways to attract and retain attention
The brightest part of the exhibition is right at the entrance to the Expocentre. It gives an opportunity to show maximum creativity when building up a stand! Great solution for a large company.
  • Neighborhood with the leaders of the auto industry
  • The possibility of panoramic placement of any large object with the use of sound and light effects for maximum attention
  • "Wow effect" at the entrance to the exhibition: the attention of the target audience, mass media, first persons, bloggers, speakers, photographers and visitors
  • Invitation to the business program as speakers
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the stand: the brighter, more interesting and large-scale it is, the more attention it will attract to itself.
The most active zone in the open air is situated near entertainment grounds. A lot of spectators are guaranteed! Favorable option for narrowly focused companies and dealers.
  • Minimal cost. The opportunity to visit all events at a bargain price
  • Maximum number of visitors
  • Neighborhood with beautiful and unique exhibits
  • Possibility of demonstration performances
  • Announcement of your master class in the program of events on the official site and in social networks
  • Unusually present your professional skills and what you know how to do best. E.g. perfect welding, quick tire change and so on.


Got a question? Send them to us! Meanwhile, we will answer the most frequent ones
Which companies will participate in the festival?
The list of companies that will be useful for participating in the festival is practically unlimited, because we are all connected in one way or another with the sphere of freight transport. Here are just some of the participants’ activities:

Trends and market segments represented at TRUCK FEST
  • Transport companies as a job fair, business proposals for transportation, advertising
  • Service centers and brand service stations​
  • Tuning studios​
  • Teleshopping
  • Car alarm systems
  • Truck manufacturers and dealers
  • Manufacturers of equipment for service stations, tire fitting, components, consumables
  • Manufacturers of special parts (brand), turbines, springs, optics, rubber, exhaust systems, etc., tuning - workshops
  • Manufacturers of fuels and lubricants, oils, additives, various liquids, auto cosmetics;
  • Manufacturers of covers, rugs, mud flaps, anthers, interior accessories
  • Manufacturers and dealers of trailers
  • Radios, tachographs, navigators, recorders, radar detectors
  • Production and repair of awnings, branding​
  • Banks, leasing companies​
  • Videoblogers, representatives of thematic groups of instagrams, vkontakte​
  • Manufacturers of auto-refrigerators, cabin heaters, lingerie for trucks, interior items
  • Representatives of Internet resources: thematic sites, magazines, TV channels, surveys, online maps of radar and signs​
  • "Auto-connoisseurs" with master classes, performances, life hacks
  • Remotely piloted trucks, trucks with autopilot, Russian developments​
  • Motorhomes, travel equipment, expedition equipment​
  • Work clothing, footwear
  • Tools
  • Pharmaceuticals​
  • Cosmic food
You are a small company. Why do you need TRUCK FEST?

The TRUCKFEST Festival is an excellent venue for both start-up and business scaling.

  • Advertising for the absolutely target audience
  • Opportunity to meet with consumers of goods or services in an environment that has a contractual basis
  • Strengthening the image and improving the status of the company
  • Increase in turnover
  • Logistics optimization
  • Improving employee competencies
  • Collection of contact information
  • List of companies-producers
  • Conclusion of a treaty for the supply of products, materials, services
  • New sales channels opening
  • Integration of sales channels into other segments

You are a big company. Why do you need TRUCK FEST?
TRUCKFEST for a large company is not only a way to find new partners, but also:

  • Advertising for the absolutely target audience
  • Opportunity to meet with consumers of goods or services in an environment that has a contractual basis
  • Strengthening the image and improving the status of the company
  • Increase in turnover
  • Logistics optimization
  • Improving employee competencies
  • Collection of contact information
  • List of companies-producers
  • Conclusion of a treaty for the supply of products, materials, services
  • New sales channels opening
  • Integration of sales channels into other segments

Information Partners

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